It’s a Mumble-Core, Road-Trip, Reunion Buddy movie in English, Hindi & Tamil about 2 best friends from college who have lost touch because one of them does not believe in Facebook. A decade later they take a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway & discover a few things about themselves & each other.

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Our approach:

Film maker, Mainak Dahr, asked us to provide the score for his  full feature film 417 Days about 2 college roommates reuniting and finding themselves on very different paths in life. Mainak had a few guiding influences that he shared with me and then asked me to explore some of my own ideas. I had some ideas along the lines of the bands Slint and The Lights from HereMainak’s “place-holder” music was more funky and had electronic elements. Once we had established these stylistic parameters, we began constructing a rough framework of our combined visions. Then, after a couple sessions together tweaking our proposed pieces to better accommodate his editing choices, we had our score!

Our work:

City Drive Theme

In the scene, the characters are driving through San Francisco during the day before beginning their road trip down the coast to LA. This is the music meant to capture the arrival in San Francisco from India and getting one’s bearing in this city.

Opening Title Sequence

This is the opening title sequence and travel montage of the film 417 Miles. We needed a piece that was upbeat enough to carry along the scenes of the streets of India, through the airport and to the landing and arrival in San Francisco.

Downturn Theme:

This piece accompanies a scene where the characters have begun to realize that they have grown apart over the years and their lives are on different tracks.

Hollywood Theme:

In the film 417 Miles, the road trip ends in Los Angeles where one of the characters has a film in a Hollywood film festival. This music accompanies a montage of the characters going out to the event.

Leaving SF Theme:

In the beginning of this piece, the road trip is just about to get underway and then it continues with the guys leaving San Francisco and heading out to the PCH.

Tunnel Theme:

This piece is meant to mark the transition of the characters from the formalities of becoming reacquainted after so many years to the journey that lies ahead and the reality of being stuck in a car together for the next few days…a sense of apprehension but also excitement about what lies ahead.

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