Bible Story Land


This quirky documentary film tracks art dealer Harvey Jordan on his obsessive journey to find out about the mysteries of ‘Bible Storyland’, an ill fated Bible theme park intended to compete with Disney in 1960s Southern California. Complete with dream sequences, animation and of course, a curse, this fun film plumbs the depths of the many facets of ‘Bible Storyland’, and it’s affects on Harvey and his family.
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Our approach:

As this documentary circled mainly around stories concerning Disneyland, Old Hollywood and Religion, we decided to incorporate corresponding musical ensembles for each of these widely divergent themes and then seek to tie them all together with a cohesive, modern “indie folk” element. It was at times challenging but ultimately very rewarding to reconcile such an improbable range of instruments and themes.

Our work:

Title Theme

The title piece and a basic sound palette for Bible Storyland

Fantasyland Theme

This piece accompanied the description of “Bible Storyland”, a Bible-lesson theme park that was planned but never completed. The music is intentionally a little “Disney” sounding as it was meant to be very similar to Disneyland.

Middle Eastern Theme

This piece was used to establish a scene where the Old Testament was being referenced. I used a Turkish Cumbus because it had a sympathetic string effect similar to a Sitar and I was trying to achieve a hybrid indie rock/middle eastern sound.