Day 1000


For 1000 days, 22-year-old David has been quarantined, alone, in an isolated cabin…until now.

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Our approach:

Writer / Director Alex Calleros approached Ray Mawhinney of By Will Alone with an almost complete cut of Day 1000, his story of a dystopian future where a disease has seemingly wiped out everyone. Alex and Ray quickly agreed upon some basic instrumental arrangement ideas and discussed the moods of the various acts within the film. After approval of the rough synth “mock-up” of the score, hired musicians were commissioned to replaced most of the parts with real instruments. This gave the film the desired humanity to accentuate the loneliness and inner turmoil of the protagonist while juxtaposing nicely against the Science Fiction elements of the story.

Our work:

Tragic End Theme:

This piece plays over the final sequence of the film into the credits. This is the tragic interpretation of the recurring theme in Day 1000.  

Biohazard Theme:

In preparation of going outside to retrieve more food, the main character is putting on a biohazard suit and then cautiously leaving the house.

Escape Theme:

In this scene, the female guest is taking the opportunity to leave the house while the lead male is showering. It is meant to convey a sense of urgency while acknowledging the tragic misunderstanding that is in play.

Looking Up Theme:

This piece is the first time in the film that we see the protagonist enjoying the outside world and being happy to have found another survivor. The mood takes a dip near the end to suggest there is sadness yet to come.