Marriage is already complicated. Mix in the birth of your first child and suddenly the small moments are completely magnified beyond control. For Aniket and Leah, the specifics of what is ‘normal’ has changed.  Director Mragendra Singh’s effortlessly strong feature film debut, explores this evolving notion of returning to the status quo.

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Our work:

End Theme

The theme music goes through many variation during the movie, but the end theme brings a subtle sense of fulfillment and serenity that the characters are feeling toward their future after the troubles that they went through during the movie. By adding an acoustic guitar backing and subtle harmony changes we were able to convey this feeling of renewal in their life.

“Je suis ailleurs”

Director Mragendra Singh wanted music with a specific mood for a dinner table scene where guests and hosts are chatting in the background. We composed an original song with french lyrics and a boss nova guitar that we thought would fit perfectly there. And the director loved it!